Thursday, February 11, 2010


In a web search for PETER TOMPKINS,author of SECRETS OF THE GREAT PYRAMIDS, which I read in probably in early 1972 but did not buy, I learned that he had passed away. At one time he lived in UNITY, NEW HAMPSHHIRE but am not sure just where, which is near CLAREMONT. If I recall it might have been one or two of my friends interested in such things that steered me to the volume. I also learned of his book on THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS, but I think this study was set up years before his book on the subject by someone whose name I can't recall. I found later he did a book on MYSTERIES OF THE ;MEXICAN PYRAMIDS, 1976. He died January 24,2007, at age 87. The intriguing thing is that he had been a member of the OSS aparently recruited in 1943 and ser;ved in Italy in 1944, and then published a book on his 'exploits' in 1962. I have not read any of his books beyond the first glances of his major book on the Great Pyramid but hope to do so when I can find them and find time to read them.

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