Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This can also be paraphrased as: EAGLES DO NOT CATCH SPIES(or terrorists). Americans(usually the average ones, assume that everyone acts and thinks as they do and is concerned with what Americans are concerned with,etc. AND,such an assumption is DANGEROUS especially among those trying to obtsain 'intelligence' & 'information' of any kind, particularly that being sought by governments and military. The 'SPY GAME' is not a 'James Bond' movie or a Hollywood 'thriller' ala Hitchcock. It is brutal and deadly at times as can be seen in the latest news reports and not merely a Graham Greene,3rd Man affair,etc. On all levels, the Spy Game can be deadly and dangerous for all participants and all plots are subject to such.


One of the things now being ignored by many is the old dictum, "KNOW YOUR ENEMY" if newspaper accounts of the latest 'acts of terrorism' and related items are any indication. The CIA operatives recently killed demonstrates how 'clever' and 'sly' certain groups can be and how 'dedicated' they are to total destruction of those they perceive as their enemies. History is replete with many acts of 'treachery' and 'suicidal' exploits, that are often described by those admiring such as 'acts of heroism'. One group's 'heroism' is another group's 'terrorism'. Comparisons of modern terrorists to those of ancient cults, such as the assassins or the thug(ees), are only valid up to a point. The fact of the matter, no operative in another nation can afford to trust completely any contacts or 'associates' etc. completely. For those terrorists who are truly embedded in a culture and bent on its destruction in various ways, patience is a needed virtue and such persons can and do wait until the opportune time,unless something or someone upsets their plans,which can be exceedlingly difficult to uncover or reveal. Language barriers and cultural ignorance operates on all levels usually and so we read of various assassinations and bombings,etc. almost daily.