Friday, February 5, 2010


NO, DIEGO GARCIA is NOT a writer,a poet, an actor, a hero, an athlete, a playwrite, an artist, a musician, an author, a movie star, or anything like that! The name might have a remote connection to the geographical children's TV show once shown: WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMAN DIEGO? DIEGO GARCIA is a small island that few AMERICANS or US Citizens have heard much about or know anything about and their continued ignorance of the place is part of the larger problem people have concerning such things. The name DIEGO GARCIA became known to me through my acquaintance and association(s) at my former workplace where a number of former military people worked and some of these had been there and also had done some varied 'intelligence' work while in,say, the Air Force,the Navy, the Seabees,etc. and a few for the CIA and VOA,etc. and in,conversations with them I learned a bit about the existence of this place. DIEGO GARCIA is a coral atoll in the CHAGOS ARCHIPELAGO and the largest island there and is in the INDIAN OCEAN. I will post a couple of videos that are said to mention things ab out this place,etc. A GOOGLE SEARCH will prove most revealing to those who have never heard of the place.

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  1. Another place I learned about from a classmate of mine who had served in the Air Force and then worked for corporation that tracked missles,etc. is KWAJALEIN ISLAND which is part of the Marshall Islands held by the US since 1944 or so that were captured from the Japanese at that time. The US has been there ever since. Other Pacific Islands still,aside from all the leftover ships, guns, etc. and waste of war,etc. the presence of US Forces,etc.