Thursday, May 5, 2011


It seems that OSAMA BIN LADEN, the world's most notorious terrorist and the world's most wanted man....has been killed in a covert operation in Pakistan while he was residing apparently under the noses of authorities there and by a nearby military academy of note.......'hidding in plain sight/site' is perhaps a way to better describe it as most images of OBL had him cringing in the depths of Afghanistan caves and suffering from kidney problems,etc. Whether or not OBL spent much time in caves for years remains to be seen,though from the early days of his efforts there he quite likely did....... The areas in this region with its rather nebulous and often shifting borders and constant bickering over such, are not understood very well by most Westerners, especially Americans, who see boundary lines on maps as 'inviolate' and think that all people lurking, living, dying, and struggling behind such invisible lines of abstraction, that have little meaning to the recipients of such 'benevolence', are cut from the same cloth and speak the same language,etc. The same trends that beset this area in the 18th,19th & 20th centuries are still there only the players have changed....which brings me to another point I have made in recent years, that world wide trends are indicative of a coming world least in the West....but that remains to be seen and not everyone will agree on this... Assassination of persons is an interesting topic.....and problem....during WWII considerations of assassinating Hitler by the Allies were discussed and evaluated and it was ruled out in the belief that the Germans would continue the war and were also apt to be impelled to increase the war effort against the rest of Europe and the US....although some German attempts to kill Hitler were attempted, they all obviously failed....We did not consider assassination of Hirohito probably for the same reason that the fanatical Japs of the Day would have continued even more suicidal destructions and warfare....but Admiral Yamamoto was killed on orders to keep him from achieving more naval victories.......although he personally, so it is said, thought that Japan would lose the war against the US despite the first strikes...(there is no first strike in karate-a phrase the Japanese ignored in their quest for world domination, which the West has forgotten).

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