Tuesday, August 16, 2011


AREA 51, like CAR 54, has a vague aspect about it and few know its exact 'location'! On a grid of 1-100, AREA 51 must be slightly 'off center' and possibly out of mind,except for some new 'revelations' hailed as 'imaginative' and 'controversial' as are generally all notions politicians,extremists,'theorists' and the general ball-park-raceway fans hold on such. Until I can go on tour to AREA 51,whether scheduled by invitation, which is doubtful,it will not matter as anyone going there will see only what they are allowed to see-WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO CONFIRM ANY AND ALL THEORIES & BELIEFS THAT GOVERNMENT DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE OR KNOW ABOUT-even if they are both TRUE & FALSE (at the same time)! I can't stay awake nights worrying and wondering about AREA 51 anymore than when I see some yokel(s) "staring at me as if I were a'GOAT'". (Confidentially, some women think I am 'AN OLD GOAT' with lustful intentions and a crazy leer and possible ogle-so I keep my lid on my head'brain to supress obvious lustful thoughts betrayed by my smirk and tongue-tip wetting, not to neglect keeping my hands tethered so gthey won't inadvertantly roam about over the countryside)....

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